Kopiez, Reinhard / Lehmann, Andreas C. / Wolther, Irving / Wolf, Christian

Abstracts of the 5th ESCOM Conference

September 8-13, 2003; Hanover

epOs-Music, Elektronische Publikation (pdf-Dateien auf CD-ROM)
Osnabrόck 2003
ISBN 3-931852-67-9 (Buch)

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The focus of ESCOM5 is on interdisciplinary presentations, discussion and dissemination of
recent research relating to music perception and cognition. The motto for the conference was
"Experience Music in Science - Science in Music." ESCOM5 has relevance for researchers from
universities and industry, music educators and graduate students working in all areas of
psychology and music including:

Art meets science • Music and the brain • Comparative and evolutionary biomusicology • Music
therapy • Applications of psychological research to music teaching and learning • Creativity
in music • Music performance • Speech and music • Infants, development, sound and music •
Ethnomusicology • Philosophical contributions to music psychology • Music and communication ...

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