- 1 -Kopiez, Reinhard / Lehmann, Andreas C. / Wolther, Irving / Wolf, Christian: Abstracts of the 5th ESCOM Conference 
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Keynote 1

Keynote 2

Keynote 3

Keynote 4

Keynote 5

Keynote 6


Demonstration Papers

Demonstration Paper 1

Demonstration Paper 2

Demonstration Paper 3

Demonstration Paper 4


Poster Sessions

Poster Session 1

Poster Session 2

Poster Session 3

Poster Session 4


Thematic sessions & Symposia



Absolute pitch


Appropriating music

Aspects of memory

Aspects of singing

Brainfunctions and music

Developing musicians

Emotion and cognition

Emotion regulatory processes and musical development


Experiencing emotion

Expressive performance

Gesture and phenomenology

Instrumental and vocal music practice

Learning and teaching

Listener response

Listening research

Melody and computation

Methodological approaches


Music and the eye

Music Learning - The Growth of Mind and Body

Music, musicians, and the psychology of music

Music theory

Music therapy

Musical expression, computer technology and learning

Musical identities

Musician's Medicine

Neuroscience of music perception and production

Performance practice

Popular music research

Processing musical parameters

Representing music

Rhythm, metre and timing


Sociology of music: Social inequality and music involvement

Speech and music

Style and structure

Technology and performance

Tempo and memory

Timbre and its perception

Timing and rhythm

Tools and algorithms



Monday, Sept. 8


Keynote 1

Timothy D. Griffiths. Disorders of Musical Perception. (short, long)



Tuesday, Sept. 9


Keynote 2

Tia DeNora. The Sociology of Music Listening in Everyday Life. (short, long)





Music Therapy

Jörg Fachner. Temporal, Occipital and Parietal EEG-Brain-Mapping Changes in Pre/Post-THC-Music and Rest. (short, long)

Petra Kern. Phillips Groove! – Integrating Young Children With Autism on Childcare Playgrounds. (short, long)

Wolfang Schmidt, Mette Kaeder, David Altridge, Cordula Schmidt. Music Therapy With People Suffering From Multiple Sclerosis: An Interdisciplinary Pilot Study. (short, long)

Martin Kusatz. Auditive Stimulation Therapy AST© Intervention In Subacute and Chronic Tinnitus. (short, long)

Peter Hoffmann. Phrasing As Expression of Time and Timing In Improvised Music Therapy. (short, long)

Hanne Mette Ridder. Communication and Dialogue – Music Therapy With Persons In Advanced Stages of Dementia. (short, long)

Veronika Busch. Relations Between Tempo Performance, Expressiveness, and Music Therapy Outcome. (short, long)


Neuroscience of Music Perception and Production

Eckert Altenmüller. Is Neuroscience Helpful For Musicologists? (short, long)

Stefan Koelsch. Developmental Aspects of Music Processing As Measured with EEG and FMRI. (short, long)

Thomas F. Münte. Cognitive Neuroscience Investigations of Professional Musicians. (short, long)

Lutz Jänke. What Is Special About The Brains of Musicians? (short, long)


Popular Music Research

Günter Kleinen. Moving Into the Field of Popular Music – A Shift in Scientific Concepts, Values, Questions and Methods With Educational Implications. (short, long)

Anja Rosenbrock. Creativity With a Large “C” – Creativity With a Small “C”. (short, long)

Martin Pfleiderer. The Study of Rhythm in Popular Music. Approaches and Empirical Results. (short, long)

Jan Hemming. Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Punk: Comparing Psychological Findings With Cultural Studies Accounts. (short, long)


Emotion Regulatory Processes and Musical Development

Stefanie Stadler Elmer. Well-Being, Children’s Vocal Play, and Musical Development. (short, long)

Christine Plahl. Fostering The Development of Social-Emotional Communication Through Music. (short, long)

Christliebe El Mogharbel, Ingo Laufs, Markus Wenglorz, Werner Deutsch. The Sound of Songs Without Words. (short, long)

Grit Sommer, Werner Deutsch, Christliebe El Mogharbel, Ingo Laufs. Emotion and Performance in the Development of Children’s Singing. (short, long)


Sociology of Music

Renate Müller. Sociological Perspectves on Music Involvment. (short, long)

Stefanie Rhein. Gender Differences in Teenie-Fandom: A Teenie-Fan Survey on Musical Interaction in Fan Cultural Contexts. (short, long)

Martin Burr. Musical Instrument Preferences: Gender-Images and Gender Differences. (short, long)

Hans Neuhoff. Concert Attendance and Social Inequality. (short, long)

Andreas Gebesmair. Musical Taste and Cultural Capital. (short, long)



Thematic Sessions



Olivier Lartillot. Modeling Musical Pattern Perception As Induction of Analogies Inside a Semantic Network. (short, long)

Markus Lepper, Baltasar Trancón y Widemann. Co-Algebraic Modeling As an Adequate Means for the Representation, Rendering and Discussion of Transcendentally Defined Aesthetic Objects. (short, long)

Pauli Laine. Motive Transformations Based on Finger Movements. (short, long)

Kaan M. Biyikoglu. A Markov Model For Chorale Harmonization. (short, long)


Processing Musical Parameters

Fred Warnke. Low-Level Auditory Functions and Musical Aptitude. (short, long)

Sean C. Hinton, Frances H. Rauscher. Type of Musical Training Selectively Influences Perceptual Processing. (short, long)

Olin G. Parker. Perception of Timbre Differences in Trumpets. (short, long)

Herbert Bruhn. Identification of Musical Chords – Reaction Times Support the Assumption of Two Different Procedures. (short, long)

Géraline Lebrun, Barbara Tillmann. The Influence of Harmonic Relations and Temporal Regularities on Chord Processing. (short, long)

David Brenman, Catherine Stevens. Perceived Harmonic Relationship Between Tone and Tempo: The Effect of Timbre. (short, long)


Technology and Performance

Simon Dixon. Score-Based Analysis of Expressive Performance. (short, long)

Nigel Nettheim. “Armchair Conducting” Animations for Mozart and Schubert. (short, long)

Geoff P.B. Luck. Factors Which May Affect Musicians’s Ability to Synchronize Their Performance With Conductor’s Temporal Gestures. (short, long)


Style and Structure

Zohar Eitan, Roni Granot. Inter-Parametric Analogy and the Perception of Similarity in Music. (short, long)

Anna Damiani, Pietro Di Lorenzo, Giuseppe Di Maio, Marta Olivetti Belardinelli. Recognising the Composition Style By Themes Selected from the “Sonata” Repertoire: A Comparison between the Mathematical modeling and the Experimental Psychological Results. (short, long)

Mariateresa Storino. Style Processing. (short, long)


Expressive Performance

Eric Clarke, Nicholas Cook, Philip Thomas. Interpretation and Creativity in Contemporary Piano Music. (short, long)

Eun-Ju Jung. Pianist’s Interpretative Intentions in Expressive Performance. (short, long)

Andrew Earis, Patricia Holmes. Quantitative Analysis of Tone Quality in Relation to Its Role in Expressive Music Performance: A Study in the Acoustic Properties of Individual Guitar Sounds. (short, long)


Melody and Computation

Tillman Weyde. Optimising Parameter Weights in Models For Melodic Segmentation. (short, long)

Emilios Cambouropoulos. Musical Pattern Extraction for Melodic Structure. (short, long)

Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis. A Model of Melodic Expectation. (short, long)

Alessandro D’Ausilio, Frederic G. Piat, Alessandro Londei, Marta Olivetti Belardinelli. Competitive vs. Feed-Forward Modeling of Music Recognition Task. (short, long)

Miguel Ferrand, Peter Nelson, Geraint Wiggins. Unsupervised Learning of Melodic Segmentation: A Memory-Based Approach. (short, long)


Developing Musicians

John Sloboda, Caroline Minassian, Christopher Gayford. Assisting Advanced Musicians to Enhance Their Expressivity – An Intervention Study. (short, long)

Elizabeth R. Valentine, Aaron Williamon. Alexander Technique and Music Performance: Evidence for Improved “Use”. (short, long)

Roger Chaffin, Gabriela Imreh, Anthony Lemieux, Colleen Chen. “Seeing the Big Picture”: Piano Practice as Expert Problem Solving. (short, long)


Representing Music

José Carlos Godinho. The Effects of Complex Musical Experience On the Mental Representation of Music. (short, long)

Sean Bennett. Musical Imagery Repetition and Memory. (short, long)

Freya Bailes. Experimental Studies in Musical Imagery: Implicit and Explicit Cognition. (short, long)


Absolute Pitch

Kathrin Hahn, Elke van der Meer, Wolfgang Auhagen. „Latent“ Absolute Pitch and Its Implications for Theories of Musical Long-Term Memory. (short, long)

Ana Laucirica. L’oreille absolue partielle dans la mémoire immédiate de mélodies tonales. (short, long)



Demonstration Paper 1

Alla N. Sokolova. Music As a Medicine for the Adyghes. (short, long)



Poster Session 1

Urs M. Nater, Monika Krebs, Ulrike Ehlert. Sensation Seeking, Music Preference, and Psychophysiological Reactivity. (short, long)

Maria Aleksandrovich. Music Therapy and Video Training as Methods of Development of Intellectual Abilities of 5-7 Year-Old Children. (short, long)

Christiane Neuhaus. Perception and Processing of Musical Scale Structures: A Cross-Cultural ERP Study. (short, long)



Wednesday, Sept. 10


Keynote 3

Helga de la Motte-Haber. Audio-Visual Perception : Fundamentals and Applications. (short, long)





Musical Identities

Alexandra Lamont, David Hargreaves, Nigel Marschall, Mark Tarrant. Musical Identities at School: Age and Experience As Determinants of Musical Identities. (short, long)

Dorothy Miell, Raymond MacDonald. Music Matters: Musical Identities As Fundamental Markers of Personal Identities. (short, long)

Karen Burland. The Emerging “Performer” Identity. (short, long)

David J. Hargreaves, Graham Welch, Ross Purves, Nigel Marshall. The Identities of Music Teachers. (short, long)


Musical Expression, Computer Technology and Learning

Patrik N. Juslin, Erik, Lindström. Musical Expression of Emotions: Modeling Composed and Performed Features. (short, long)

Anders Friberg, Erwin Schoonderwaldt, Patrik N. Juslin. Automatic Extraction of Performance Variables from Audio Recordings. (short, long)

Jessika Karlsson, Patrik N. Juslin, Erik Lidström, Erwin Schoonderwaldt. Computer Feedback and Learning of Expressive Skills in Music: A Pilot Study. (short, long)

Roberto Bresin, Patrik N. Juslin. Real-Time Visualization of Musical Expression. (short, long)

Erwin Schoonderwaldt, Patrik Juslin, Anders Friberg, Jessika Karlsson. A Program for Teaching of Communication of Emotion in Music Performance. (short, long)


Instrumental and Vocal Music Practice

Siw G. Nielsen. Self-Regulated Learning and Instrumental Achievement. (short, long)

Jane Ginsborg. Singer’s Goals for Practice: Verbal Reports and Behavioural Data. (short, long)

James M. Renwick, Gary E. McPherson. Case Studies of the Practising Behaviour of Music Students With Different Reasons for Musical Striving. (short, long)

Aaron Williamon, Andreas Lehmann. Studying Practice Quantitatively. (short, long)


Music Learning – The Growth of Mind and Body

Wilfried Gruhn, Friederike Litt, Annette Scherer, Till Schumann, Eva Maria Weiss, Christine Gebhardt. Is Musical Training Reflected By Saccadic Eye Movement? (short, long)

Frances H. Rauscher. Effects of Piano, Singing, and Rhythm Instruction on the Spatial Reasoning of At-Risk Children. (short, long)

Carolyn Drake. Music Learning: The Creation of Multiple Input and Output Links. (short, long)

Alexandra Lamont. Young Children’s Musical Worlds: Musical Experiences and Musical Preferences in Three-Year-Olds. (short, long)

Harald Jørgensen. Instrumental Practice and Developing Musicianship. (short, long)



Thematic Sessions


Tools and Algorithms

Alessandro Londei, Marta Olivetti Belardinelli. Musical Style and Authorship Categorization by Informative Compressors. (short, long)

David Meredith. Pitch Spelling Algorithms. (short, long)

Micheline Lesaffre, Dirk Moelants. User Behaviour in the Spontaneous Production of Musical Pieces by Vocal Query. (short, long)

Rosemary Mountain. Flexible Frameworks: The Multimedia Thesaurus. (short, long)


Music Therapy

Gunter Kreutz, Stephan Bongard, Sonja Rohrmann, Dorothee Grebe, Hans Günther Bastian, Volker Hodapp. Does Singing Provide Health Benefits? (short, long)

Betty A. Bailey, Jane W. Davidson. Perceived Holistic Health Benefits of Three Levels of Music Participation. (short, long)

M. Harihara Aiyer, Gowri Kuppuswamy. Impact of Indian Music Therapy on the Patients – A Case Study. (short, long)

Warren Brodsky. Another Side of the Orchestra: An Interview Study. (short, long)


Emotion and Cognition

Alessandra Padova, Laura Bianchini, Michelangelo Lupone, Marta Olivetti Belardinelli. Influence of Specific Spectral Variations of Musical Timbre on Emotions in Listeners. (short, long)

Suzanne Filipic, Emmanuel Bigand. Emotions and Cognition in Music : Which Comes First? (short, long)

Sandrine Vieillard, Emmanuel Bigand, François Madurell, Jeremy Marozeau. The Temporal Processing of Musical Emotion in a Free Categorization Task. (short, long)


Performance Practice

Dorottya Fabian, Emery Schubert. Resolving the Historical Dotting Debate: How Empirical Investigations May Inform Performance Practice. (short, long)

Emery Schubert, Dorottya Fabian. Expressiveness in Musical Performance: Comparison of Novice and Expert-Listener Perspectives. (short, long)

Fernando Benadon. Spectrographic and Calligraphic Cues in the Identification of Jazz Saxophonists. (short, long)


Aspects of Memory

Menno van Zaanen. A Memory-Based Approach to Meter Induction. (short, long)

Anna Damiani, Marta Olivetti Belardinelli. Recognition of Composer’s Style From Musical Fragments. (short, long)

Olivier Vitouch, Julia Zdrahal-Urbanek. Recognize the Tune? A Study on Rapid Recognition of Classical Music. (short, long)

Ji In Lee. The Role of Working Memory and Short-Term Memory in Sight-Reading. (short, long)

Ulrich Seidler-Brandler. Processing of Tonal Information in Working Memory. (short, long)


Experiencing Emotion

Alf Gabrielsson. Strong Experiences Related to Music: Comparison of Reactions in Different Subjects and in Different Situations. (short, long)

Nicola Dibben. Heightened Arousal Intensifies Emotional Experience With Music. (short, long)

Renee Timmers, Antonio Camurri. Explaining The Emotional Engagement Of Listeners With Three Performances of a Scriabin Etude. (short, long)


Learning and Teaching

Bernhard Strunz. Music Learning Sequences Based on Cognitive Apprenticeship – Development and Empirical Evaluation. (short, long)

Blanka Bogunovic. How Does the Teacher Make A Difference? (short, long)

Cecilia Hultberg. Reflections on Research Into Intra-Musical Learning Processes. (short, long)

Heloisa Feichas. Composition in Brazilian Music Education. (short, long)

Tânia Lisboa. Children’s Conceptualisations of Music. (short, long)


Gesture and Phenomenology

Mark Reybrouck. Deixis, Indexicality and Pointing as Heuristic Guides for Enactive Listening: Route Description, Cue Abstraction and Cognitive Maps. (short, long)

Marco Maria. Performer Perception: Walking the Meter of Computer-Controlled Piano Music. (short, long)

Jane W. Davidson. Mapping the Solo Singer’s Stage Persona. (short, long)

Vincent Meelberg. Musicianship and Narrativity: Musical Performance as Focalization. (short, long)

Michel Imberty, Leticia Cuen. La musique comme geste sonore et geste cinétique. (short, long)



Demonstration Paper 2


Peter Daniel. Extraction of Aurally Relevant Parameters. (short, long)



Poster Session 2


Andreas Haas, Christof Zoelch, Ruth Schumann-Hengsteler. On the Involvment of Phonological Working Memory In The Processing of Rhythms. (short, long)

Marek Franek, Pavel Muzik. In-Store Music: Images of Sellers Related to Their Listening Behavior. (short, long)

Rie Matsunaga, Jun-ichi Abe. Cues for Perceiving a Key of a Melody. (short, long)

Roni Granot, Daniel Levy, Shlomo Bentin. Event-Related Brain Responses to Sound of Musical Instruments and Human Voices. (short, long)

Nart Bedin Atalay. Probability of Incoming Chords and Expectation for Chords. (short, long)





Thursday, Sept. 11


Keynote 4

Simha Arom. Perceptual Ambiguity in the Traditional Music of Central Africa. (short, long)





Music and the Eye

Lauren Stewart. Becoming a Pianist: An FMRI Study of Musical Literacy Acquisition. (short, long)

Niels Galley, Reinhard Kopiez. Eye Movements in Reading, Picture Inspection and Music Reading – What Do We Know? (short, long)

Klaus Ernst Behne. The Effect of Music on the Perception of a Short Film’s Narrative Structure: How the Ears Tell the Eyes What to See. (short, long)

Mirjam Schlemmer. Changes in Affective Reaction: Delayed vs. Advanced Sound in Music Video Clips. (short, long)


Timbre and its Perception

Christoph Reuter. Stream Segregation and Formants Areas. (short, long)

Claus Weihs, Uwe Ligges. Voice Prints As a Tool for Automatic Classification of Vocal Performance. (short, long)

Jobst P. Fricke. Double-Reeds in the Wind Capsule – Timbral Consequences of the Missing Access of the Musician. (short, long)

Irina Aldoshina. Timbre and Pitch of Russian Church Bells. (short, long)


Rhythm, Metre and Timing

Michael Grossbach, Wilfried Gruhn, Reinhard Ring, Andreas Boettger, Eckart Altenmüller. Influences of Teaching Methods on Musical Rhythm Representations: A DC-EEG Longitudinal Study. (short, long)

Richard Parncutt. Modeling Immanent Durational Accent In Musical Rhythm. (short, long)

Annekatrin Kessler, Richard Parncutt. Musical Structure, Listener Orientation, and Time Perception. (short, long)

Dirk Vorberg. Timing Rhythms When Tempo Changes. (short, long)

Warren Brodsky. Pendular Calibration Versus Tap-Tempo Input: Stability – Accuracy. (short, long)



Thematic Sessions



Inge Cordes. Melodic Contours As a Connecting Link Between Primate Communication and Human Singing. (short, long)

Beatriz Ilari, Linda Polka, Megha Sundara. Preferences For “A Cappella” and Accompanied Songs: A Study With Infant Listeners. (short, long)

Nicholas Bannan. “Reverse0-Engineering” the Human Voice: Examining the Adaptative Prerequisites for Song and Language. (short, long)

Anne Niessen. Music-Related Experiences of Girls in the Third Reich. (short, long)

Heiner Gembris, Daina Langner. The Professional Development of Young Musicians: First Results of the Alumni-Project. (short, long)


Timing and Rhythm

Guy Madison. Appreciation of Jazz and Other Groove-Based Music as a Function of Tempo. (short, long)

Hasan Gürkan Tekman, Semra Kurt, Zehra Peynircioglu. Perception of Symmetric and Asymmetric Meters By Listeners Familiar and Unfamiliar With Asymmetric Meters. (short, long)

Reinhard Kopiez, Marc Bangert, Eckart Altenmüller, Werner Goebl. Tempo and Loudness Analysis of a Continuous 28-Hour Performance of Erik Satie’s Composition “Vexations”. (short, long)

Werner Goebl, Richard Parncutt. Asynchrony Versus Intensity As Cues for Melody Perception in Chords and Real Music. (short, long)

Günther Rötter. Subliminal Rhythm Perception. (short, long)



Demonstration Paper 3


Silvia Malbrán. Tapping the Tactus: A Measure of Rhythmic Anticipation. (short, long)



 Poster Session 3


Stefan Degner, Andreas C. Lehmann, H. Gruber. Expert Learning in the Domain of Jazz Guitar Music. (short, long)

Andreas C. Lehmann, Silvia Papoušek. Self-Reported Performance Goals Predict Actual Practice Behaviour Among Adult Piano Beginners. (short, long)

Hella Oelmann, Bruno Laeng. A Validation of the Emotional Meaning of Single Intervals According to Classical Indian Music Theory. (short, long)

Svetlana A. Serkova. Ontology of Space and Time in Art and Culture: Study of Space in Music. (short, long)






Friday, Sept. 12


Keynote 5

Björn Merker. Is There a Biology of Music, and Why Does It Matter? (short, long)





Music, Musicians, and the Psychology of Music

Jaan Ross. Same Words Performed Spoken and Sung: An Acoustic Comparison. (short, long)

Slawomira Zeranska-Kominek. Perceived Identity of Polish Folk Songs. (short, long)

Vera Milankovic, Milena Petrovic, Jelena Petrovic. Tone Constellation: A Personal Spatial Scale Presentation. Searching For An Alternative Approach to Teaching Music Theory. (short, long)

Ksenija Rados, Panta Kovacevic, Blanka Bogunovic, Tantja Ignjatovic, Gordana Acic. Psychological Foundations of Success in Learning Music at Elementary School Age. (short, long)

Maris Valk-Falk, Hans-Gunter Lock. Research Aspects Related to Performance: Does the Harpsichord Sound Fade Or Decay Quickly? (short, long)

Andrzej Miskiewicz, Tomira Rogala. Roughness and Dissonance of Musical Dyads. (short, long)

Andrzej Rakoswki, Piotr Rogowski, Elzbieta Aranowska. Perception of Selected Musical Intervals in Full Frequency Range. (short, long)

Katalin Nagy. The Influence of Intensity of Musical Involvment and Type of Music on Musical Experiences. (short, long)

Csaba Szabó. The Effect of Monotonous Drumming on Subjective Experiences. (short, long)

Kaire Maimets. Towards the Analysis of Narrative Film As Integrated Artistic Multimedia Text. (short, long)

Alexander Galembo, Anders Askenfelt. Quality Assessment of Musical Instruments – Effects of Multimodality (short, long)

Allan Vurma, Jaan Ross. Am I a Tune Or Not? (short, long)



Musician’s medicine

Hans-Christian Jabusch. Treatment Evaluation in Musician’s Dystonia Using Objective Quantification Tools: Follow-Up After Different Therapies. (short, long)

Laurent Boullet. Treating Focal Dystonia – A New Retraining Therapy For Pianists. (short, long)

Maria Sandgren. The Symptom of Performance Anxiety in Relation to Artistic Development. (short, long)

Claudia Spahn, S. Strukely, Andreas Lehmann. Health Conditions and Health Attitudes of Music Students at the Beginning of Their Studies. (short, long)



Simha Arom. A Cognitive Approach to the Study of Musical Scales in Polyphonies of Central Africa. (short, long)

Nathalie Fernando. The Study of Non-Tempered Systems: Problems and Methodology. (short, long)

Fabrice Marandola. Interactive Experimental Methods in the Field: Application and Results. (short, long)



Thematic Sessions


Music Theory

Anja Volk (Fleischer). The Empirical Evaluation of a Mathematical Model for Inner Metric Analysis. (short, long)

Tuire Kuusi. The Semantic Differential as a Method for Collecting Estimations of Chords. (short, long)

Bengt Edlund. Cadential Closure vs. Tonal Content as Input for Reduction. (short, long)

Isabel C. Martinez. Expression and Deep Structure: The Incidence of Performance in Musical Attention. (short, long)


Speech and Music

Ernst Dombrowski. Steps to Common Description of Melody in Music and Speech. (short, long)

Richard Ashley. Categorical and Linguistic Aspects of Musical Pitch Space. (short, long)

Bénédicte Poulin, Emmanuel Bigand, Philippe Lalitte, Ronald Peereman, Arnaud Rey. The Effect of Harmonic Context on Lexical Decision in Vocal Music. (short, long)

Björn-Helmer Schmidt, Thomas Gunter, Sonja A. Kotz. The Influence of Contextual Information: Discovering Similarities in Music and Language Perception by Means of ERPS. (short, long)


Listening Research

Warren Brodsky. Audiophile Drivers: How Listening to Music Affects Driving. (short, long)

Irving Wolther. The Eurovision Song Contest – A Study on a Music-Focused Fan Culture. (short, long)

Clemens Wöllner. Motion Experiences in Classical and Popular Music. (short, long)

Dan Gang, Daniel Lehmann. Regularity and Forecasting of Musical Taste. (short, long)



Petri Toiviainen, Tuomas Eerola. Where Is The Beat? Comparison of Finnish and South-African Listeners. (short, long)

Frank Kouwenhoven, Antoinet Schimmelpenninck. Music and Memory in Chinese Folk Song Performance. (short, long)

Hasan Gürkan Tekman, Nuran Hortaçsu. Perceiving and Reasoning About Musical Styles and Their Listeners: The Role of Social Identity. (short, long)

Manfred Bartmann. One Microphone At The Musician’s Ear: Special Recordings of the Malawian Friction Bow. (short, long)

Selina Thielemann. Samgita-Sastra and Sastriya Samgita: The “Science of Music”, “Scientific Music” – The Indian Perspective. (short, long)

Dalia Cohen. Perception and Responses to Schemata in Different Cultures: Western and Arab Music. (short, long)

Deirdre Bolger, Niall Griffith. Dissonance and Tonality: The Role of Timbre in Melodic Relations. (short, long)

Triinu Ojamaa. An Attempt to Segment a Nenet’s Melody: Inside and Outside View. (short, long)


Brainfunctions and Music

Gottfried Schlaug, Nadine Gaab. Functional Anatomy of Pitch Memory in Performance Matched Groups of Musicians and Non-Musicians. (short, long)

Christian Gaser, Gottfried Schlaug. Structural Brain Differences Between Musicians and Non-Musicians. (short, long)

Nadine Gaab, Gottfried Schlaug. Training Non-Musicians on a Musical Task – An FMRI Study. (short, long)

Kari Kallinen. Music Listening Proneness Moderates the Effects of Eyes-Open versus Eyes-Closed Music Listening on Emotion-Related Subjective and Electrocortical Responses. (short, long)

Thomas Geiss-Granadia, Christoph Goger, Ulrike Spitzer, Michael Trimmel. Brain DC Potential Changes of Emotional Decisions During Emotional Background Stimulation. (short, long)

Christoph Goger, Thomas Geiss-Granadia, Ulrike Spitzer, Michael Trimmel. Brain DC Potential Changes Indicate a Mozart Effect. (short, long)

Barbara Tillmann, Isabelle Peretz, Emmanuel Bigand. Harmonic Priming in an Amusic Patient. (short, long)

Demetre Yannou, Stavros Baloyiannis, Anastasia Kostaridou-Eukleides, Grigorios Kioseoglou, Erifli Damianou-Marinis, Despina Klonari, Evangelia Nakopoulou, Katerina Tzedaki. Music Perception in Patients With Dementia Due to Alzheimer’s Disease. (short, long)


Listener Response

Heiner Gembris, Gabriele Schellberg. Musical Preferences of Elementary School Children. (short, long)

Janet M. Joichi. Perceptual Salience of Grouping Structure by Various Performers of “La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune” by Debussy. (short, long)

Rasmus Reed. Tempo Change and Interpretation Preference. (short, long)



Anna-Lena Rostvall. Theoretical Perspectives on Designing a Study of Interaction. (short, long)

Jane Masters. A Theoretical Basis for Human Creativity. (short, long)

Silvana K. Figueroa. Musical Improvisation as a Type of Action. (short, long)

Benjaman Schögler. The Pulse of Communication in Improvised Music. (short, long)

Fred Seddon, Mathilda Joubert, Gisle Johnsen. The Effects of Computer-Mediation and Physical Space on Collaborative Music Composition. (short, long)


Musical Development

Leonard Heydenrych, Patricia Holmes. Music and the Foetus: A Compositional Framework for Foetal Stimulation. (short, long)

Pepy Michaelides. Schematic Connections Between Two Artistic Modes: An Empirical Study of Music and Visual Art. (short, long)

Naomi-Jane Martin, Alexandra Lamont, Nicola Dibben. Children’s Perception of Similarity Relations in Music. (short, long)

Kate Stevens, Melinda Gallagher. Developing Capacity and Music Cognition in Children: Relational Complexity and Transitive Inference Using Pitch and Duration. (short, long)

Mary Stakelum. Children’s Aural Perception and Polyphonic Music: An Experimental Study. (short, long)




Demonstration Paper 4

Reinhard Kopiez, Christian Wolf. The Group Online Response Digital Interface (GORDI) as a Tool for Online Measurement of Music Perception. (short, long)



Poster Session 4

Fridolin Stolz, Oliver Vitouch, Emil Lubej. “Digitize it!”: On the Discriminability of Analog vs. High-Sample-Rate Digitized Music Recordings. (short, long)

Valeriy G. Mozgot. “Auditory Imprinting” In Shaping an Individual’s Music World. (short, long)

Kaciper Miklaszewski, Wojciech Jankowski, Zygmunt Pawlowski, Marek Zoltowski. In Search for Objective Evaluation of Selected Factors Predicting Success in Musical Performance – A Pilot Study. (short, long)

Geoffrey A. Reynolds. Attitudes of Pre-Service Music Education Majors Towards Electronic Portfolios. (short, long)

Paula Bishop-Liebler. A Pilot Study of Dyslexia and Music in a Conservatoire Setting. (short, long)




Saturday, Sept. 13


Keynote 6

Holger Höge. Tendencies in Experimental Aesthetics. (short, long)





Appropriating Music

Elena Ungeheuer. Report on a Research Project: “Tatort Musik” – How Experts Appropriate Music. (short, long)

Pascal Decroupet. How To Elaborate an Interpretation auf Stockhausen’s Mikrophonie I. (short, long)

Alan Fabian. The Reconstruction of Creative Processes as a Means of Composition (Iannis Xenakis’ S. 709). (short, long)

Jean-Louis Leleu. Du discours analytique à l’analyse en acte. (short, long)


Aspects of Singing – Birth to Three

Susan Young. The Spontaneous Vocalisations of Two- to Three-Year-Olds in Daycare Settings. (short, long)

Alison Street, Susan Young, Johanella Tafuri, Beatriz Ilari. Mother’s Attitudes to Singing to Their Infants. (short, long)

Beatriz Ilari. Singing and Listening To Music With Infants: An Interview Study With Canadian Mothers. (short, long)

Johanella Tafuri. Musical Structures in Spontaneous Songs of Children Aged Two to Three Years. (short, long)


Tempo and Memory

Wolfgang Auhagen. Preferred Tempi of Imagined Compositions. (short, long)

Rasmus Reed. Memory for Tempo: How Precise Do We Remember Tempo Over Time? (short, long)

Marek Franek, Hana Fabiánová. Short-Term Memory For Tempo of Metronomic Sequences. (short, long)

Dirk Moelants. Dance Music, Movement and Tempo Preferences. (short, long)



Thematic Sessions


Methodological Approaches

Tore West. ARTT – A Tool for Transcribing and Analyzing Videorecorded Interaction. (short, long)

Rita Aiello. The Importance of Metacognition Research in Music. (short, long)

Andreas Lehmann-Wermser. Reconstructing Historical Lessons: Teaching Music in the 1920s and 1930s. (short, long)

Silke Lehmann. Gesture and Language: Aspects of Rhythmical and Metrical Education in Musical Teaching. (short, long)



Erkki Huovinen. Objectivism and Structure-Building in Musical Comprehension. (short, long)

Rosemary Mountain. The Breathing of Time In(To) Music. (short, long)

Neta Spiro. Various Meanings of the Term “Musical Phrase”. (short, long)

Luis Estrada Rodriguez. The Emotions in Schubert’s Lied “Frühlingstraum“ and Their Relation to Musical Elements. (short, long)

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- 1 -Kopiez, Reinhard / Lehmann, Andreas C. / Wolther, Irving / Wolf, Christian: Abstracts of the 5th ESCOM Conference